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We build touchable dreams

Everyone has a dream to realize. A secret desire.
An idea lighting up all thoughts and giving everybody the opportunity to live a special UNIQUE “quality of life”.

A home is not just a solid building:
It’s a promise of PEACEFULNESS
An office is not simply a comfortable place:
It’s a WELL-BEING idea.

“Imagined” rooms of a building are supposed to generate memories of what has been and what will be.
Building for us means being always one step forward; make ourselves available to our customer’s deepest, rational and sensorial desires.
We work to build a better future with the pride of those having grounded roots and values. Those who know that every futurist avantgarde takes its strength from the past.
We make available ideas, know-how and innovative materials with one aim: let our customer touch his/her dreams.
In China as in Italy, in Brasil as in Russia.

We are all this.


TARAMELLI s.r.l. - Via Marco Biagi, 95 24030 Terno D'Isola (BG) Italy
P.IVA 03125550164, Reg. Imprese BG n. 03125550164, capitale sociale 80.000 €
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