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The customer asked for an eco-sustainable new headquarter, granting a low environmental impact. The result is a solar-cooling system for building air conditioning.

Air conditioning system, for chilling and heating, is managed with a solar-cooling system called SolarCombiPlus. It’s a cutting-edge system employing solar collectors.

System performances are continuously monitored to calculate its real efficiency.

Project description

The project has seen the realization of a new industrial building with high technology solutions, eco-sustainable and with a low environmental impact. To meet requirements, we installed a cutting edge solar-cooling system for chilling and heating.

The solution chosen was SolarCombiPlus, using solar collectors and representing an innovative application for thermal-solar technology. The system is constantly monitored to check performances for the whole system and for every component, so that the real efficiency can be demonstrated and can calculate benefits deriving from energy saving and polluting emission reduction.

The system is an important case history for this kind of application in Northern Italy. A research group of Bergamo University was involved in engineering and realizing this system, the group specialized in Energetic Systems has an important experience in solar cooling applications.

Category – Industrial
Customer – Hidrogest
Designer – Taramelli Srl

Details & Info

Per la progettazione del nuovo edificio industriale l’azienda committente ha chiesto lo sviluppo di un edificio eco-sostenibile e dal basso impatto ambientale.