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This apartment is located in one of the newly build block of flats in Shekou, Shenzhen’s district with the fastest evolution. The house was entirely re-designed using only Italian materials, beginning from the 1000 travertine marble tiles covering walls and floors.

Internal walls and floor are entirely covered by travertine marble tiles.

Apartment doors are supplied by Rimadesio.

The lighting system is designed with recessed lights. Lamps are supplied by Floss.

Project description

Formerly a customs station, Shekou area begun its transformation in the 80s, serving as a base for the small contingent of foreign oil platform workers employed in the main Western oil majors. As a result of this move Shekou gradually become home to expatriate population, thus old factories and offices transformed in a western-style elegant residential and entertainment area. The apartment we refurbished was located in one of these new skyscrapers.

Interiors have been totally re-designed. The restoration employed different teams of Italian artisans for laying marble tiling and building plasterboard walls. Chosen materials are all imported from Italy, as the travertine marble used for coverings, kitchen and bathroom shelves. The logistic organization took several months of work and a huge coordination to have the 1000 tiles travelling by sea.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Photos by – Star Guo

Details & Info

L’appartamento sorge a Shekou, il quartiere di Shenzhen in rapida evoluzione. Uno spazio interamente rivestito in marmo e dove ogni finitura è Made In Italy.