Londra – Notting Hill #Workinprogress

0Km electric cable
0London Mosaic tiles for covering

A typical “terraced house” in Notting Hill, London will be restored so to add the basement to the ground floor apartment. The new interior design re-project all internal spaces.

A wall in iron and glass, with a post-industrial style will be realized in the wide living area in the basement, to let natural light enter into the room.

Bathrooms in the basement are decorated with green and yellow Zelige tiles. Produced in Morocco, they are handmade.

A floor heating will be realized to avoid humidity, typical in basements.

Project description

Work opening: November 2017

A typical “Terraced House” in Notting Hill plays the lead role in this restoration. These buildings, characterizing London architecture since 18th Century, are usually divided in one flat per floor. But in Airlie Garden operation we will join basement and ground floor in a unique apartment.

Both houses have the entrance on the shared staircase, but a second entrance from the street has been realized to minimize inconvenience for co-owners. Most important changes are made in the basement, which has been totally dismantled and re-read in the interior spaces. Two different false ceiling layers and an old wood canes one emerged from demolition works. For electric system and finishing we are using Italian standards, although following UK regulations.

Restoration works involve also floors and the realization of custom-made furniture. Some changes to the project has been made due to building structure, these caused an adaptation of executive projects directly on building site.

Category – Residential
Customer – Private
Designer – Elisabetta Pincherle
Photos by – Feature Pro

Details & Info

In cima ad un edificio a torre a Montecarlo un appartamento su due livelli, con una terrazza che regala una panoramica sulla nuova Ile di Montecarlo – attrezzata con piscina a sfioro e una serra che accoglie una zona living e una palestra.